martes, 21 de septiembre de 2010

Rewards provincial lid of Camagüey of visual arts its best proposals

Camagüey, Sep 21 - The project “we would Be more…if we were less” won the four prizes of the XXVI Provincial Living room of Visual Arts Fidelio Ponce de León, included the first of guardianship in all the editions of the competition.

The guardianship reward in the main provincial lid of Camagüey of visual arts the graduated Pável Barrios Sosa conquered , for the approaches in the selection of the works of the project that he heads.

Presided over by the doctor Rafael Acosta de Arriba, the jury conferred the three individual prizes to facilities of Luillys Guerra Batista, Joël González Pellerols and Néstor Siré Mederos, authors of the creations chosen for Sosa.

The most important laurel received Guerra for 16 black rectangles with luminous whitish points, that which could be supposed as the reference to a starry night.

Pellerols conquered the second recognition with a series of 10 rectangles, black five red and same quantity, full with similar white lines to the letter “x.”

The third obtained Siré by means of a metallic circumference with yellow bottom and the symbols black badges of a barrier in the traffic vial.

The mention also relapsed in an installation, the one presented by Jorge Luis Santana, only award-winning competitor outside of the participants in “we would Be more…if we were less.”

The verdict of the jury will be able to please specialists, but maybe very little to the common spectator, with reasons to be interfered in the interpretation of the messages and the images of the honored pieces.

Paintings, sculptures and pictures also gather the Living room whose works will remain exposed until half-filled of October in diverse local, among them, the gallery of the Republic street Alejo Carpentier. (Adolfo Silva Silva / AIN).

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